Microsoft Excel Advance Training

Microsoft Excel Advanced training aims to provide skills and knowledge from Microsoft Excel software which will allow the participant to increase the efficiency and also simplify your daily task.

In this training the participants will learn extensive knowledge on how to create lookup functions, set Microsoft Excel working options, enhance charts, protect worksheet data, perform advanced data operations using summarising, PivotTables, data consolidations, goal seeking and Solver, and macros.

Training Content

Course Content – Day 1 (Basic)

Lesson 1: Introduction
Topic A: Using the menus
Topic B: Versions

Lesson 2: Data Entry
Topic A: Formula Bar
Topic B: Working with dates and times
Topic C: Format Cells/ Data Formatting
Topic D: Flash Fill Series

Lesson 3: Creating formulas
Topic A: AutoSum/Average
Topic B: Days Formula
Topic C: Formula Wizard
Topic D: Audit Formulas (Trace precedent/dependent)

Lesson 4: Formatting
Topic A: Inserting shapes, arrows, and other graphics
Topic B: Adding and deleting rows and columns
Topic C: Hiding data
Topic D: Moving, copying, and pasting
Topic E: Sorting and filtering data
Topic F: Conditional Formatting / Data Bars / Data Icon Sets

Lesson 5: Inserts
Topic A: Clipping Screens
Topic B: Images/ Shapes
Topic C: Recommended Charts
Topic D: Linking Charts in Powerpoint
Topic E: Advanced Charts / Combo Charts

Lesson 6: Print
Topic A: Print Area
Topic B: Repeat Titles on print
Topic C: Page Layout / Page Break

Lesson 7: Security
Topic A: Allow people to edit selected cells only (Creating Forms)
Topic B: Protecting Worksheet & Workbook (Read Only)
Topic C: Workbook Encryption (Password to open)

Training Content

Course Content – Day 2 (Advanced)

Lesson 1: Formulas in Depth
Topic A: IF Function
Topic B: 3D Formulas
Topic D: VLookup / H Lookup

Lesson 2: Define Names
Topic A: Create your own names
Topic B: Define Names in formulas and references

Lesson 3: PivotTables
Topic A: Using PivotTables and Filters
Topic B: PivotCharts
Topic C: Creating extended charts / business charts
Topic D: Gantt Charts

Lesson 4: Goal Seek
Topic A: PMT Formula (Loan Calculator)
Topic B: Goal Seek

Lesson 5: Scenario Manager
Topic A: Create various scenarios
Topic B: Using Scenarios

Lesson 6: Macro, Record and Play
Topic A: Record repeated tasks with Macro
Topic B: Add new buttons to your Excel to playback Macros
Topic C: VBA and Macro

Lesson 7: Microsoft Office Specialist Exam (77-420) Overview

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