Mobile Sites Training and Certification

Mobile Sites Training & Certification

Be Mobile Site Certified from Google

This is a non-technical training focusing on optimization technique for mobile sites.

Suitable for ALL – All Level of Directors or Managers | People Who Look After Websites | Web Developer | And Many Others

This is a non-technical training focusing on optimization technique for mobile sites.

Suitable for ALL (including all level of directors or managers, people who look after websites, web developer and many others).
Learn best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing mobile websites. With more and more people access the web from their mobile device, it is importance to have a mobile-optimized website for your business. A mobile-optimized site can improve search visibility, user experience, brand identity and also increase lead generation.
Know how to get Page Speed Grade A by Google


So, is your mobile site optimized?

Now, pick up your mobile phone and go to your website. Ask yourself:
  • Does it load within 3 seconds?
  • Does it draw your attention to your key selling points and message?
  • Is the content easy to read?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Is it easy to recognize and activate the call to action?
  • Does it provide a good user experience?
  • Would I spend time on this website if it’s not my site?
If your mostly answers are ‘NO’, then it’s time to optimize your mobile sites and capture the traffic and sales which you might have been missing out.

Mobile Sites Training & Certification

This course is all about auditing your website and how to optimize your website for mobile. You will learn what is a mobile-optimized site and the key factors for mobile sites in search results. We identify the issues and provide solutions to solve these problems.


  • Mobile Sites Certification Exam by Google

    Take Mobile Sites Certification Exam by Google for FREE

  • Faster Website Load Speed

    Identify speed issues on your webpages and optimize page speed for these pages.

  • Win Customers with Mobile Sites

    Improve user experience to boost customer engagement

  • Knowledge on Mobile-optimized Sites

    You will learn how to optimize your mobile sites

  • Improve Search Visibility

    Learn the factors that determines your site’s visibility in search engines

  • Auditing Your Websites

    Analyse and examine your site in depth


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    All Level of Managers, Directors

    Understand the concept of mobile-optimized site and supervise your sites.

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    People Who Look After Websites

    Know how a mobile-optimized site works and manage your mobile sites.

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    Web Developers

    Learn how to optimize your websites and start optimizing for your mobile sites.


  • Cut load times with Developer Tools
  • Identify inefficiencies in the critical rendering path with Developer Tools
  • Speed up mobile site rendering
  • Fix issues with critical resources to optimize the critical rendering path
  • Key metrics for testing your site
  • Solve speed issues and improve user experience before launching your site
  • Optimize mobile site transfer size
  • Get your sites moving by shrinking files and removing unneeded features
  • Optimize images and fonts
  • Enhance user experience with optimized images and fonts
  • Focus on mobile user experience
  • Create an engaging mobile site through user experience (UX) design
  • Deliver user-centered mobile experiences
  • Craft a mobile site that delivers a great user experience
  • Make mobile sites that drive conversions
  • Deliver a mobile site that lets users easily convert
  • Test and optimize mobile experiences
  • Discover what your users really want with testing
  • Create super fast sites with AMP
  • Get your content seen quickly with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Create Progressive Web Apps
  • Learn to build engaging and reliable Progressive Web Apps
  • Engage users with APIs
  • Increase user engagement and conversions with new mobile web APIs

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Training Packages

In-House Training

Training at your place
  • Fees according to the number of days
  • Maximum 35 pax
  • Training Kit and material will be provided
  • Manual Booklet provided
  • Technical assistance after training end

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