Marketing Training (Masterclass)

It’s critical for all business to be consistent in their marketing efforts because when you stop marketing, sales will soon slow. The result is unpredictable sales, cash flow challenges and a lot of stress. But relying on advertising agency can cost a lot in a long run!

Do you know that most of the advertising can be done by yourself with the help of easy to use interface from Google AdWords, Facebook and other advertising companies?But without proper training it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you stay organized? Where will all of the ideas come from? How do you save cost on online marketing?

Learning is one time investment saves your marketing cost half (because half of it usually goes to advertising agencies!In this course you will learn how to do REAL online marketing using various platform..

Training Content

Day 1

Module 1.1 – Online Marketing Introduction
Module 1.2 – Payment Method / Paypal
Module 1.3 – Preparing Contents
Module 1.4 – Picture Editing
Module 1.5 – Classified Advertising
Module 1.6 – MUDAH PRO NIAGA
Module 1.7 – Newsletter Platform Setup
Module 1.8 – Newsletter CAN SPAM Policy
Module 1.9 – Healthy and Friendly newsletters


Day 2

Module 2.0 – Google Adwords – Account Creation
Module 2.1 – Google Adwords – Ad Creation, Location and Language Targetting
Module 2.2 – Google Adwords – Performance
Module 2.3 – Youtube Video Marketing
Module 2.4 – Youtube Video Marketing
Module 2.5 – Facebook Business Page Creation Marketing
Module 2.6 – Facebook Marketing
Module 2.7 – Facebook Insights


Training Packages


MU DOT MY, Subang Jaya

Disember, 2018

No Events

Food, drink, computer & internet, Manual booklet, Training material provided

In-House Training

Training at your place

Fees according to the number of days
Maximum 40 pax
Training Kit and material will be provided
Manual Booklet provided
Technical assistance after training end

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is administered by the Human Resources Development Berhad (PSMB), a government agency under the Ministry of Human Resources through the Human Resources Development Berhad Act, 2001.

Employers who are registered and / or incorporated in Malaysia, and is registered with the HRDF are eligible to apply for training grants (financial assistance) to finance all or most of the “allowable costs employee training. Training must be in areas of direct benefit to their business operations. Financial assistance is granted to individuals who sign up and pay for their training program either in full or in part and then apply to employers for sponsorship.

The company that registered need to apply from HRDF before the training started.

The Training grants claim for programs completed in the current year must be submitted before 30 Jun of the following year. Financial assistance in respect of allowable costs will be repayable on claim. The amount paid is subject to the approved amount or actual expenses incurred by the employer.



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